Surprises About Being a Mom

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It’s my first time linking up for this ten on Tuesday linkup but it sounded like fun and I wanted to give it a shot.

I’m about to become an aunt again. My nephew should be arriving sometime in April. So I’ve been thinking a lot about when I became a mom 9 years ago. So here are ten things that have surprised me about being a mom. Things I didn’t know or didn’t expect.

  1. I didn’t know that I would be capable of being so strong in order for her to not see me be weak. I know that as her mom being an example to her is so important so it forces me to gain strength.

2.  That the way you love a child is so different than the way you love anyone else. I love my husband and other family but the way I feel about my daughter is so much bigger and more intense than anything else.

3. You can not understand just how fast time truly goes by until this little person of yours changes and grows at such a amazingly fast speed. It seems like you blink and they are so much older.

4. It will be hard to imagine a time  your life before you had them . You’ll remember it but it just seems so far away and like a different lifetime.

5. It amazes me how one little girl can make me want to be the best version of myself. I might not be there yet but she makes me want to be better so I can show her the best of me.

6. You can’t predict what kind of child you’ll have. I thought I knew what to expect because I had a lot of experience with infants but then I got a baby with colic, reflux and who never slept for a year. I had no idea what was coming.

7. It is really surprising and interesting to see other peoples traits in your child. I see so much of my husband in our daughter and it’s so interesting to see it. Not just in how she looks but in expressions and traits that she has.

8. I think that you really become aware of how scary the world can be when you have a child in the world that it’s up to you to protect. The bad things that happen in this world seem so much more real and terrifying when you can imagine them happening to your own kid.

9. You will realize that you will do anything and give up anything in order to protect and take care of your child. I don’t know of a stronger bond and one that you will be willing to do anything to protect.

10. Things will always be changing and your child will be going through stages and phases over the years. I’ve tried not to get to frustrated with things my daughter does because I know how quickly she changes and her personality and behavior changes.

There are so many other things that I’ve learned over the years and I know that there will be many more. It’s such a growing and changing experience. I imagine it is for all parents.