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A girl carries a purse while a mom carries a bag. Can you feel the difference, as a mom?

Before I had my daughter, I used to carry a small purse with a few essentials but when my daughter arrived, my purse turned into a “bag”. A huge purse or you can say a bag and a diaper bag is something every mom needs to carry until the children are grown enough to take care of themselves or control their needs for some time.

Here is complete list of things a mom should always carry, even if she is going out with kids for just a few hours.

A mother should have 2 types of bags with her, a purse/a hand bag and a diaper bag.

Note down and create a checklist for handy use because a checklist is a must-have. Whenever going out with kids, you can forget anything in a rush so having a checklist in hand is a great way to not forget anything.

Here’s the list:

Mom Bag Essentials:

Mom bag is the second name of the purse a mother carries. It is way bigger in size and have a lot more essentials than a typical girl’s bag.

1- Mini first aid kit:

This is one of the most important essentials that a mom should always carry. You can’t trust kids. They will have a lot of fun when they are out but it comes with a risk of a fall or a minor injury.

You should always have a mini first aid kid. A box of band-aids, cotton and adhesive tape, and any good balm is all good.

I always keep a tube of Aloe Vera Gelly as a first-aid of all types of minor injuries. It’s just a lifesaver and every home should have at least one tube. I just love this product.

2- Snacks:

Even if this is not a time of lunch or dinner but the child may become hungry at any time. You should always have some sort of snacks like biscuits or fruit snacks in your bag.

3- Comb and hair accessories:

Kids love to play a lot, and the most annoying thing for me is that their play time mess up with their hair. You should keep a comb handy, and if you have a girl, you should keep some hair accessories as well.

A few hair pins will not take any space, they can always be present in a purse.

4- Tissue Papers:

Tissue papers are not only necessary for kids, every person must have a mini pack of tissue papers in the pocket. You may need them any time for so many reasons.

5- Water bottle and mini glass:

A water bottle may be a life saver at the times of need. If you can carry a mini water glass then this is way better.

6- Spare disinfectant wipes:

Disposable disinfectant wipes are great to have in your bag. They are a kind of tissue or towel, that ars moistened with any sort of liquid to help you disinfect your hands, etc.

7- Sunscreen:

Summers or winters, doesn’t matter. You should always keep sunscreen in your bag. Two types of sunscreens should be there. One for the parents and one for the kids.

8- Favorite toys of kids:

You never know that when your kid will become fed up with playing with friends and come to you to engage them.

Always have at least one favorite toy of your kid so you can engage your child for a little more time. As a responsible mom, you should always carry this stuff.

9- Mouth freshener and chap-stick:

It’s not related to kids but you may love the idea of keeping a mouth-freshener and a chap-stick in your bag. They are awesome to keep you fresh and more active.

10- Feminine Products:

Always keep the necessary feminine products in your bag, whether you are expecting your date or not. You never know that when you are going to need them. You can also help any of your friend, when in need.

11- Other optional products

  • Nursing covers
  • Formula milk
  • Pacifier

If you are a nursing mother then keeping a nursing cover in your bag will be helpful.

If the child is formula fed, then consider the formula milk, a bottle of boiled water, feeder and spoon will be good.

A pacifier is a good thing to calm a baby but most of the parents, like me, avoid the pacifier. But if you use the pacifier you should keep it in your purse.

Check out these highly rated mom bags on amazon and don’t forget the bag organizer, it’s a great thing to have.

Diaper Bag Essentials:

As the name suggest, diaper bag needs all the necessary things to change a diaper or keep the baby clean and tidy.

Here’s the list of all the diaper bag essentials a mom should always carry. Note down these items and create a checklist for you to have all the essentials in your hand.

1- Diapers (at least 5-10):

A diaper bag without having diapers in it, has no point at all. Have at least 5-10 diapers in your diaper bag all the time.

2- Portable Diaper changing sheets:

You will never like the droplets of the mess touching your bed sheet. Having a portable diaper changing sheet is a great thing to carry in your diaper bag.

For me, the changing sheet is a must-have. Whether at home or in the diaper bag.

3- Disposable diaper bags:

I would never throw a dirty diaper without packing it in something, even if you are throwing it in the dust-bin.

Disposable diaper bags to throw the dirty diaper is a great thing to have.

4- Wet wipes:

While changing the diaper you may not find any place to wash the child then you might need the wet wipes to help you out.

Keeping a pack of wet wipes is a good idea. But you should keep them out of the reach of the children.

5- Baby Powder:

Baby powder saves the baby from the diaper rash. Some people use a baby powder while some use petrollium gelly.

You can choose what you would like to apply and keep that in your diaper bag.

6- Diaper rash ointment:

My daughter sometimes gets so busy playing that she forgets to tell me that she has filled her diaper. and boom! she gets the diaper rash.

Having a diaper rash ointment is a good thing so you can deal with such situations. If you are at home, you can also apply mustard oil mixed with water. This thing also works like magic.

7- Hand sanitizer:

When you are not at home, you may not find water to wash your hands after changing the diaper.

In this case, having a hand-sanitizer is cool.

8- Spare clothing:

Even if your child has passed the age of throwing up, still you should keep some spare clothing with you.

You may need them anytime. and you will also not regret the idea of keeping some spare clothing for you too.

9- A light-weight blanket:

Keeping a light-weight baby blanket with you is a good idea when your kids are of the age when they can sleep anywhere and at any time. Keep a lightweight baby blanket in your bag.

These are the things I always carry with me, whenever I go outside with the baby. and my 3 years of experience tells me that these things are enough to carry but still, if I missed something, please share it in the comment section.