You're an Amazing Mom

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Let me start by saying that how we all parent is unique to our families. Every mom I know parents so differently but that for the most part, I am sure that we are all doing the best job that we can. As of today I have been a mom for 12 years and I know I’ve done stuff well but I admit to having moments of doubt over whether or not I’m a good mom. I want you to know that you are an amazing mom. 

I also know that I’m not alone that many of us moms worry about how we are doing as parents, where we are going wrong, what mistakes we have made and will make. I see countless posts on social media from moms I know and moms I just follow online and they all are wondering what they should or shouldn’t do. What are they doing right and what are they getting wrong? 

So this post will share how you can tell you are an amazing mom by what you try to do and are doing. It’s not about how to specifically be a better parent because that is different for all of us and our kids. 

It’s a lot of pressure to be responsible for raising a child who will one day become a man or woman. That this little baby will become a kid and then a teen and finally an adult. We all have a lot of hopes and dreams for our kids.  We want to teach them and love them and create good examples for them. It’s a lot of pressure.

So I wanted to share with you how you can tell that you are an amazing mom. To give you a little encouragement that even when it doesn’t feel like it that you are doing great!

1. You care about their safety and it’s a priority 

Try as we might as parents we aren’t going to be able to protect our kids from everything out there that may hurt them. The world can be a scary and dangerous place. Short of locking them away and never letting them experience the world we have to let them live in a danger-filled world and hope that we do enough to keep them safe. 

As moms, it is critical for us to try to do what we can to protect our kids. We may not always succeed but I think what makes us good moms it that we figure out all the dangers that we can and do our best to protect our kids from what we can. 

I find that good moms aren’t necessarily the moms who have kids who have never gotten hurt or lost or had any sort of accident at all. Keeping your kids 100% safe isn’t always possible and accidents don’t make you a bad mom. What makes a mom a great mom is that she does her best to know the risks to her child and minimize them as much as she can. 

If keeping your child healthy happy and safe is a top priority to you then you are doing things right and being an awesome mom. 

2. You don’t try to do it all 

This may be an area you need to continue working on but that’s ok I still find it so important that I’m including it in this post. Too many moms are stretched way too thin and become consumed with trying to do it all. 

This is not a healthy way to parent and it frustrates me so much when I see moms trying to do it all and being so proud of being busy and having a mile long to do list. That isn’t the way to be.

If you are stretching yourself too thin by trying to do it all you are risking your health and you are also not going to be at your best emotionally. That isn’t what’s best for you or for your children. So give yourself permission to ask for help and take a few things off your list. This will allow you to have less stress and to have more energy and time to enjoy your family. 

Learning to have better control of your time will allow you to enjoy it more. 

3. You love who your kids are

You are an amazing mom if you do your best to accept who your kids are and not just what you want them to be. Despite what Instagram pictures may look like none of us have perfect kids they all frustrated, annoy and yes disappoint us at times. 

What separates the good parents from the bad ones is that the good ones love their kids for their flaws as well as their blessings. We will raise happier and more confident children by loving them even when they make mistakes and making sure they know that they always have their mom on their side. 

Kids need to be loved with our words and our actions. they need to know that they can fail and still be loved. Learning this will be amazingly beneficial to them as they grow up and learn to love others. 

So you are an amazing mom if you show your kids unconditional love. That you acknowledge that they make mistakes but that you love them regardless of the mistakes they make. This has become even more important as my daughter has grown up. 

That I show her that even when she messes up things and doesn’t do as well on something as she could have that I love and adore her completely

4. Spending time with your kids is important to you. 

To be an amazing mom and to create a good relationship with your children takes committing to spending time with them. Not just being around them either but making time for having fun together and connecting as a family.

I try to find fun things to do as a family or for my daughter and I to do together. This allows us to get closer and for her to feel more comfortable opening up about what is going on in her life. 

If you struggle with how to find things to do as a family check out this great post on Living Well spending Less about Inexpensive activities for more family Fun. 

I’m sure there will be many times that you just don’t have as much time to spend with your kids as you would like to. That there just isn’t enough time to do all that you have to do and also get to spend the time that you want with your children. 

This is where it is important to focus on quality time and not as much on, quantity of time. To make sure that the time you do have with your kids is spent having a great time and strengthening your relationship. 

My hope with this post is that if you are doubting your ability as a parent that you can see that you are doing some if not all of these four things. That you really are an amazing mom. That there will always be room for improvement and learning as parents but that you are doing a great job and raising wonderful children.