Things That I Love About Being a Mom

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I’m so excited that it’s Friday and it’s the weekend. I love the weekend because my husband is home and doesn’t have to go to work. We do get a lot of time together but it’s nice having Blake home on the weekends because Bella is home from school too so we get to be together.

I wanted to do another Oh Hey Friday since I haven’t had a chance to do one of these posts in awhile. If you aren’t familiar this is just a post of a list of five things I want to write about. It can be anything that I want it to be about. So I started thinking about what I wanted to write about and share this week.

I thought it would be nice to share some things about my daughter since she is so important in my life and such a big part of my world. I don’t share a ton about her and now that she’s getting older. She’s 9.5 almost and I’m not allowed to post anything embarrassing about her now that she’s aware of being online. So her are five things I love about being her mom that aren’t embarrassing. Also I haven’t shared many photos of her in awhile so this gives me opportunity to share some cute pictures.

She is so caring to everyone

I think part of this is just who she is and part of this is being around people who have disabilities. She is so caring and kind to everyone. She doesn’t see things like disabilities or differences in people. Or at least she doesn’t acknowledge them or point them out and treat people differently because of them.

I became partially disabled when she was 3 so I know that she grew up seeing these differences in me and it has made her so kind. She has had so many friends who have different learning and behavioral challenges and she was so great with them and treated them just like all her other friends. I know it meant a lot to these kids to be included and it meant a lot to their parents. I hope she remains this way her whole life.

I am amazed at her ability to adapt to things

I think that the first few years of her life were bumpy. Her dad had a seizure while driving and crashed his car when she was two and a half. Luckily he was ok but it was a rough time. Then a year later I had a stroke and was hospitalized for a month then spent a good year recovering. We also had to move around a lot during those years for financial and health reasons.

I do think that Isabella has an amazing ability to adapt to all that we had been through during those few years. Then all the other things that life has thrown our way over her lifetime. She rolls with things and deals with change better than most kids and probably many adults.

That she is so smart and does so well in school

I am always so proud of how well her teachers report she is doing in school she seems to understand everything and can easily learn whatever is being taught. Really the only times she struggles in school it is usually from getting distracted and not paying attention. She’s always able to learn it once she gets focused.

That she is so friendly and good at making friends

My husband is more on the shy side and I go back and forth. I am definitely more shy and reserved since my stroke happened. So I was aware that we could have a shy kid. Not a quiet kid because neither he nor I am quiet. So I was expecting a loud kid and she is. She is not shy at all though.

She is great at making friends. Every year she ends up having lots of new friends and she has great friends at ballet and around the neighborhood and in New Mexico at her grandmas house she has other friends. This is another thing about her that I really hope she keeps about her as she grows up. That she is always able to make friends easily and have lots of good friends.

She can be so generous and giving almost to a fault 

This is one thing that I love so much about her but also it drives me a little crazy. She cares so much about others and loves people so much that she wants to be extremely generous with people. This would be an always good thing if she didn’t want to take it too far.

At school they will have a donation for canned foods and she will want us to give all of our food to it. I’m like no we still need food to eat for us. She does it for food and blanket donations too as well as money donations. We like to give what we can and we know that we are more blessed than others. So I’m glad she see’s that and wants to give but she can’t give away more than we have extra to give. Right now I still have control over what she can give and I hope that by the time she’s an adult with her own money she only gives what she can afford.