things I've learned as a mom

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I’ve learned a lot about being a parent over the last eight years. Somethings were a surprise to me and some weren’t. So if you aren’t a parent yet here is what you might have to look forward to. If you are a parent, what have you learned. I know I will continue to learn more as my daughter grows up and if I have more kids there will be different lessons.

1. Nothing is more terrifying than the thought of something being wrong with your child, especially when you have no control over it. There pain is the worst and you will do anything to prevent it. 

2. You will do things you don’t feel like doing just because it makes your child happy. It’s all part of being a mom. 

3. You will see other people in things your child does. She is so much like her dad but also a lot like other family members. It’s weird seeing so much of my husbands traits in her. 

4.  Anytime you hear of a hurt or abused child you will imagine how horrifying it would be if it was your own child. There are some movies and shows that are really difficult to watch because I just can’t handle thinking of my own child being hurt. 

5. It’s a fine line between protecting them and wanting them to be safe and being overly worried and protective over them. I don’t want to smother her and not let her explore the world but I also want to keep her safe.

6. I literally could not imagine loving someone as much as I love my daughter. I want more kids but honestly could not imagine loving another person as much as Isabella. I know I will and parents do it’s just hard to imagine. 

7. As amazing as all kids are your child seems the most amazing. I love parent conferences and hearing how great she’s doing and watching her excel in dance class. 

8.  You will worry at how fast kids are growing up these days. Bella is getting old so fast and kids these days are growing up and maturing so fast. I worry about boys and dressing appropriately, Before I know it there will be dates, cell phones and driving. This is all too scary for me.  

9.  You won’t be a perfect parent know matter what you do so just do your best as a mom and love your children I’ve learned that is the most important things. 

10. They will sometimes be just like you both good and bad. You will see traits of yours reflected back at you through them and it can sometimes remind you to be patient. Like I hated homework growing up, I liked school but not homework my daughter is the same way. So I try to be patient with her and remind myself that I was the same. 

So thank you Bella for teaching me so much about parenting these past 8 years. 

I love you so much, more than you can imagine.