dear daughter

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Parenting girls is all I know at this point. I have one daughter so I don’t know about parenting boys. If I have a son in the future I will have a different list of things to tell him I’m sure. For now though it’s all about parenting girls.

My dear sweet daughter,

In a week it’s your birthday and you will be six. I feel like between the time I had you and know there have been so many things I have learned about life that I hope to teach you as you grow up. I wrote this when you were almost six and now you are almost nine. These things are still true though. I just hope I teach you these ten things over your lifetime.

1. Just because I lived my life a certain way does not mean you have to do the same. Our family has a routine of marrying young and having children young. I thought this was the way it was supposed to be and although I don’t regret getting married and having you I’m just aware now that I know so much more now than I did then. Take your time, there are no rules.

2. Live in the now. You can’t change what’s happened in your past, though I try my hardest and don’t try to live always for the future. I believe in slowing down to the now. I’m working on the past thing but I’m not someone who is always going, going, going because I’m happier if I focus on the now.

3. You can’t change people. This goes for family friends and boys. Don’t waste your time sweetheart. If you can’t handle people the way they are and accept them let them go.

4.       Find your passion, whatever it is, I really don’t care but just find it and figure out how to be good at it. You will be happier in life if you love what you do. 

5.       Life has no road map. Don’t listen to people who think you should know what you want to do with your life by a certain age or be settled down by a certain time. Figure out what makes you happy and if it takes you a little longer than other people, oh well.  

6.       There will always be negative people in the world, this goes back to #3, you can’t change them so do your best not to listen. It’s hard and I still have to work on this myself.  

7.       Realize your priorities don’t have to be like everyone else’s. I need to sleep or my body feels more stroke and seizure symptoms. This bothers some people, who feel like I should get up earlier and make better use of my time. Sleep has to be a high priority on my list and I’m sure there are things on other people’s list I would move around.  

8.       Figure out your beliefs and stick to them, there will be pressure sometimes from peers but stay strong. I hope to raise you with good morals and I’m sure we will disagree on some things but I hope you will be a good person.

9.       Know your worth. You are amazing and I will do everything in my power to help you grow up believing that. Too many young girls don’t seem to get that message and try to find their worth in boys, drugs, alcohol and I want better for you.  

10.   Be honest. It’s just easier when you don’t lie. Be who you are and don’t feel the need to hide it or apologize for it. 

Love, Your Mom.



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