growing up

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It’s the last day of Kindergarten for my girl and I don’t like it. It’s all happening too fast. How did this year go by without me noticing. She will be in first grade in August and seven in October. It breaks my heart. I mean her growing up is good. She is more mature and can take care of herself in a lot of situations so that is a plus. Also she has conversations with me and she is interesting to talk to and I enjoy that but before I know it she will be grown.. To make myself feel better I’ve come up with a list of moments I look forward to as she grows up.

1). her first dance.

Helping her pick out a dress. taking her to get her hair done and helping her to get ready. Being there to see her excited to go and embarrassing her by making her pose for pictures. Getting to hear all about it.

2) her first date.

I’m not going to lie this moment also terrifies me and I am hoping it doesn’t happen for a long, long time. Her dad and I started dating when I was a sophomore in high school so I’m sure she’s going to push to date early by throwing that in my face. On the other hand though it’s such a big moment to experience in her life and fear aside I look forward to watching her date and experience love and find the right guy. I’m not looking forward to her first heartbreak from dating though. I imagine it will break my heart almost as bad as it breaks hers. Having not dated very much I won’t have a lot of advice to give her but I will be there for her.

3) her going to college

I only hope it’s not to far away. I’m just so excited to see what it is that she decides to do with her life. I know I’m her mom so I’m biased but she is already so smart ans amazing that I’m curious what she will be interested in doing as a career and what she will be drawn to. There is so much to discover in this great big world and I enjoy seeing things through her perspective now and am excited to see what her passions and interests will continue to be.

4) her getting engaged/married

Another one of those I look forward to and also hope for it to be so far away moments. I just think it will be amazing to see what kind of person she chooses to spend her life with. I wonder what they will be like and I hope she only gets married once. Her dad and I got married young and I feel like I was too young to really know what I wanted for my wedding so I look forward to going through the wedding planning process with her if she wants me too.

5). her becoming a mom

I think one of the awesome things about having a girl is getting to see her go through the process of her becoming a mom. All the ups and downs and being there for any help or advice she needs. I’ve loved being a mom and imagine being a grandma will also be awesome.

Ok I don’t know if doing this list exactly helped me feel better or just reminded me of how fast these things are going to start happening. They are moments that I’m going to enjoy as her mother though so I guess I just have to accept them as they come. She’s going to grow up and nothing I do can stop it.