Motherhood is Not for the Weak of Heart

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If you are a mom you probably already know this but if you aren’t let me tell you motherhood is not for the weak and it is quite the roller coaster ride emotionally. This week has been both so far and it’s no wonder I’m sitting on the couch worn out and it’s only Wednesday. First on the upside Bella got awards at school for math. I am so proud, she is clearly a genius. So that was the up swing of the week. Watching her get her awards.

Getting her award, she looked like she was in front of a firing squad up on stage. She looked terrified the whole time.

Then today I swear she took ten years off my life at least. She was in the kitchen and tried to get the pit out of the avocado even though she knows not to use sharp knives. She yelled to me that she cut herself. So I went in and rinsed of her finger and put a bandage on it. Then I went to the bathroom, she yelled that it was bleeding through the band-aid. So I asked her to come to the bathroom, so I could look at it and put a thicker band-aid on it. So she and I were at the sink and she was freaking out that she shouldn’t have touched the knife and I’m telling her she’s going to be ok and that it doesn’t look too bad, it really wasn’t that bad. She’s freaking out though and then she passed out and fell into the bathtub. Let me tell you my heart just about stopped. I checked her head and body to make sure she was ok to get up, then I got her up and out of the tub, bandaged her finger and had her lie down  in my bed. I got her water and a wet towel for her head because she said she needed one. She was ok and luckily didn’t get hurt fainting but scared me to death.

About an hour later I went to check on her and she was asleep with the puppy. He was really worried about her so it was his turn to take care of her. I checked her finger and it wasn’t bleeding and she seems k. What an afternoon though. I take anxiety pills and had to take an extra half because I was all worked up from her fainting. The cut wasn’t really that bad but watching her fall freaked me out badly.

So this motherhood thing has it’s ups and downs sometimes and you never know what is coming.