becoming a mom

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On this night six years ago I went into labor at about 9pm.

My water broke when I was lying in bed reading a book. It was a total surprise because my due date was October 23.

I woke up my husband and told him my water broke. We were staying with my parents at the time so I went and woke up my mom. 

Unfortunately for me everyone was exhausted that night.

My husband had just started a new job that week and was working two jobs for the first time and was wiped out.

Then my mom was sick and just took Nyquil.

I wanted to let my labor progress at home for awhile before going to the hospital so I sat down on the couch to wait for the contractions that had just started to increase.

I had my husband work on getting the bag ready for the hospital, because I still had three weeks till my due date I hadn’t gotten that done yet.

I watched Wedding Crashers because it was on TV and I was hoping it would distract me from contractions that were beginning to hurt.  

At about midnight my mom, me and my husband headed to the hospital.

We got into the room at about one. I had a very specific plan for my labor. I was pretty terrified of hospitals and needles at that point. My plan was for the doctors and nurses to pretty much stay out of my way no IV, No drugs, minimal checks.

They were there if I needed them in an emergency.

My doctor and I had gone over all this, then we get there and find out he’s out of town.

Luckily though the other doctor in his practice agreed with what I wanted and supported me.

Labor wasn’t fun but I handled it well and made good progress. I was lucky that everything was going well. Then it was time to push. I didn’t know if I was having a boy or girl and the plan was for my husband to tell me as soon as the baby was out. 

My poor husband he was so tired and overwhelmed that when our baby was born he just stood there and said nothing my mom was standing up by my shoulder and neither of us could see.

Finally the doctor was like “Ok dad” and my husband was like it’s a girl.

It probably wasn’t that long I was waiting for him to answer but after waiting the whole pregnancy to know it felt like an eternity. Even drug free I can say and have witnesses that back me up that my labor and delivery were not that bad.

Wouldn’t do it without getting a baby at the end but whenever we decide to have another baby I would hope to do it the same way again. 

To make up for a pretty easy pregnancy and easy delivery Isabella was a very challenging baby.

She was, and continues to be a horrible sleeper. She also had colic and cried almost nonstop for 9 months. She’s been a good kid though. She’s funny and very smart.

I can’t believe that she’s already going to be six, how does it go by so fast?