Simple for Party Planning

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Growing up we never had very elaborate or big celebrations for our birthdays. I had friends who’s parents went all out for their birthdays. My parents still celebrated but the celebrations were smaller. So for my daughter I’ve always gone a little bigger. This year though I decided going simple for party planning was the way to do it. Here is what I did and why. 

This year Isabella turned ten and still wanted a party and I knew that we had a lot of other things going on and financially I just couldn’t make a big party happen. To be honest, though I began to realize that in past years she loved all of her parties but the little details that took up all my time and money really didn’t matter to her. 

So this year I decided going simple for party planning was going to be the only way I’d be able to afford it and also the only way I wouldn’t be a total stress case by the time the party came. Here are a few of the ways I made the party fun but less work. 

  1. I cut out a lot of the small details 

    We had a pool party and my grandmother’s house and I decided the pool would be the main activity. So we got a few extra pool toys but didn’t do any decorations or games. The kids didn’t seem to miss them and I figured that they would have rather been swimming and they loved that.  So that cut out paying for decorations, games, we went  simple for invitations. 
  2. We went really simple on food

    I love to over buy. Well, I don’t love it but I’m really good at buying enough food to feed 5 times the people I invite. In the past, we always had lots of food choices and way too much. So this year I decided chips, veggie tray, pizza and cake would be enough.

I also waited until an hour into the party to get the pizza since it was being ordered and picked up. I didn’t know  how many guests we’d end up with and didn’t want to just guess and have way too much. I’m so glad we did it that way because our numbers were a lot smaller than I would have guessed.

        3. We didn’t have a theme 

I had realized that from past parties that theme is what always blew my budget. Isabella would want a Hello Kitty party so I would get ALL THE HELLO KITTY stuff I could find. Much more than we really needed but it was cute and I knew she would love it. 

So this year we just kind of went for pink. It wasn’t a theme really but we got pink cups and plates and she got a pink dress. Having fewer decorations and only one main activity other than eating, presents and cake made the party so much less tiring and stressful. Clean up was also much easier. Thank goodness because I ended up not feeling well and 

Clean up was also much easier. Thank goodness because I ended up not feeling well and my parents ended up doing a lot of the clean up so I’m glad there was only a little mess to deal with. I also got to enjoy her birthday more because I wasn’t constantly running around trying to run activities or keep the party on track. 

Her super cute cake that she picked out 

Blowing out the candles

Going simple with this year’s party was the right choice. I love the big parties and I’m sure we will have them again. For me though this year is about simplifying and having less. This party was just one more way I’m trying to live this new way. The great thing is that it didn’t feel less. We made good choices and got the things that counted. Because you can still have fun even when you are trying to be more simple and have less.